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Nov 4, 2012 2:00pm EST
: who you vote for in 2008? caller: i voted for john mccain. guest: there is a difference between pollsters and the republican polls. when we are wrong in our numbers, our clients lose and we do not get new clients. we are careful in how we are analyzing the survey. with the public polls, they have a different goal. the more they generate stories, the better it is. we have moved back to a 2004. so many of our stories are generated by pulling numbers as opposed to being generated by the campaign. i differ in terms of controlling on party. they do not control for party. you have seen in a short period of time, party identification jumping a good 10 points. you are generating a story rather than generating reality in terms of polling. all of the polls start coming back to the center. that is with the averaging does work. as you get closer to the election, surveys have a new ones because of the weighting on party. in 2008, we ended up with five polls that were exactly the same. guest: has citizen united affected the outcome? absolutely. it has made it a lot more difficult for presiden
Oct 27, 2012 10:00am EDT
by the same margins that john mccain did, even in a place like illinois, where mccain lost some of these districts by 20 points. that's not going to happen this year, so you can see those numbers going up, even in states that romney will lose, but because some of the states are completely off the map, places like pennsylvania, michigan, that means his pathway again has to go through a place like colorado, nevada, or ohio. >> you know, one of the problems with writing a column a couple times a week is you're sort of on the record, and a fewer months ago, i wrote a column and i was talking about all these people that are spinning so much time parsing together combinations of electoral votes, like they were trying to solve a rubics cube or something and i pointed out that in 53 out of knife 6 presidential election -- 56 presidential electionings, the popular vote and electoral vote went the same way and that works out to 95%. could it happen? of course it could happen but it's very, very unlikely, but now, i think that there's a fair chance of that, and if that happens, romney would b
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2